With the Pen of Swami Satya Vedant  

“Daily torture of women continues across the globe” screams a newspaper headline. Amnesty International shows in its report a “global culture” which gives an alarming picture of how women are

With the Pen of Swami Satya Vedant  

Ever since Osho arrived in my life, thirty-seven years ago, I have simply let the life flow and have responded to it as well as I could. Obviously, so much

With the Pen of Swami Satya Vedant  

As “one man against the whole history of humanity,” as Osho describes himself, it follows fairly naturally that he will be the most misunderstood. And mostly the misunderstanding arises because


“Life’s problems can be solved only when you become deeply rooted in existence. Flying in thoughts you move away from the roots, and the further away you are, the less is the possibility of solving anything. Rather, you will confuse everything, and everything will become more entangled. And the more entangled, the more you will think, and the further away you will move. Beware of thinking!…..”

— Osho

Dr. Vasant Joshi

(Swami Satya Vedant)


(Swami Satya Vedant)

At the feet of Osho, Rajneeshpuram

Swami Satya Vedant Ji

Swami Satya Vedant at his Master (Osho) feet

Letter from Narendra Modi


(Swami Satya Vedant)

Chetana ke Pankh

(Dr. Vasant Joshi)