With the Pen of Swami Satya Vedant  

At The Altar of My Master’s Temple

Ever since Osho arrived in my life, thirty-seven years ago, I have simply let the life flow and have responded to it as well as I could. Obviously, so much has happened. But once I was taken by Osho under His wings, I never worried about life or living and have remained engrossed with Osho and the work which he asked me to carry on.

The fact is, he relieved me from worrying about “life'” as such and has continued to give me guidance as to which way do I need to go and how do I keep moving on. It is also a fact that, except for taking care of the routine practical matters of living, I have since then never thought of postponing anything, completing anything, or planning for anything. All just has gone on happening — and it is still happening.

At my having his very first darshan and his initiating me into Sannyas, Osho said to me so lovingly,

Just leave everything to me, don't worry about anything, just leave it to me.

Since then he has been the real care-taker of me, my life, my living – non-stop. He, in fact, repeated the same loving and compassionate assurance a few times again as I was struggling with the realities as they kept appearing. On my part, however, in my ups and downs of living, all that has mattered to me is: am I with Him? And to that extent I have put my efforts, made decisions, and have allowed life to take me wherever it did. All along though, what one may call as “miracles”, they simply happened. And I feel, they happened due to nothing else but his grace and his blessings.    

I carry a feeling of deep gratitude for my Master, beloved Osho, which is beyond words. My business is now His business. He starts it — whatever it is, and he finishes it whenever it is finished. If I were to look through my mind, it is all so actually mind-boggling. 

Sometime ago, while I was being interviewed (and again recently after the body suffered strokes and as I was recovering) a question was asked to me about my feelings/thoughts about death. And I honestly shared that, the very purpose of my birth was served the moment Osho initiated me into Sannyas and accepted me as His disciple. Now there is nothing left to be done/sought/achieved/found. It now matters not when I die because the Life got its ultimate reward, its ultimate fulfilment in that auspicious moment of my rebirth. Now there remains nothing to be achieved. It is now irrelevant how long I live, how much I accomplish, what is left to be done — none whatsoever. Because “living” has happened, it is continuously happening, being with him — physically, mentally, emotionally and if one may say, spiritually.  

And here are the golden words of beloved Osho which are very dear to my heart:

Yes, to become a disciple is to be fortunate. To find a Master is the greatest blessing that can happen to a man on the earth. It is very rare to find a Master and it is very rare when you have found one, to surrender to him. But if it happens at all, the greatest thing has happened. More than that is not possible in life.”

(Ecstasy – The Forgotten Language, Ch.17)

Osho describes that what Buddha is saying about his returning as a “friend” is of tremendous importance; he points out that, it is Buddha’s insight when he says:

The ancient relationship between the Master and the disciple would become irrelevant in twenty-five centuries. It was his clarity of perception -- he was not predicting anything -- just his clarity to see that as things are changing, as they have changed in the past and as they go on changing, it would take at least twenty-five centuries for the Master and disciple relationship to become out of date. Then the enlightened Master will be only the friend…
…Once you are really in tune with me, you cannot fall out of it. But if somebody falls out of it, that simply means that I have said something, I have done something, which is not in accordance with you. You remain the judge. You have not dropped judgment. Your ego is still there.
…So remember one thing: when you are with me, then it is a continuum, without any gap. What I say, what I do, does not matter, because you are not a judge. You love me the way I am. I don't judge you. I love you the way you are. And if it changes, then remember it is a judgment, and rather than going with me, you are trying to drag me with you. And that is not very loving

(The Last Testament, Vol.3, Ch.23)

And Osho’s insight is clear:

The relationship between the disciple and the guru is a relationship of intimate trust. That doesn't mean blind faith, because the guru never expects you to believe in him -- that is not an expectation. But the very nature of the unknown is such that you cannot go a single step further without trust. Trust is required of the disciple because he will not be able to take a single step into the unknown without trusting the guru. The unknown is dark, the field is uncharted -- it is not bliss, it is not the ultimate -- and the guru is always saying, "Jump into it! Do it!" But before you can jump, trust is needed or you will not jump.”

(The Great Challenge, Ch.7, Q.1)

And as I distinctly recall, once in supremely blessed moments during darshan, I heard Him say: “Drown yourself completely in the Commune, don’t leave a single trace of yours. Now there is no more birth for you – enough is enough.”

I remain in deep gratitude at his feet.

— Swami Satya Vedant

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