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  • With the Pen of Swami Satya Vedant  


    What is health? What does it mean to be healthy? What makes an individual healthy? These questions can be a matter of concern to every individual. They are essentially related to our inner ecology – ecology of the mind. We are obviously concerned about the

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  • With the Pen of Swami Satya Vedant  


    Consciousness is one thing present in all of us. And yet, we are hardly ever aware of it. Accept for those who are enlightened, it remains a mystery. It is only through the technology of Yoga that one can approach, experience, and change consciousness. This

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  • With the Pen of Swami Satya Vedant  

    Do women become empowered mean they are happy?

    “Daily torture of women continues across the globe” screams a newspaper headline. Amnesty International shows in its report a “global culture” which gives an alarming picture of how women are still being subjected to inhuman treatment and injustice. A lot is being written in the

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  • With the Pen of Swami Satya Vedant  

    Don’t Let Me Down…Okay?

    As “one man against the whole history of humanity,” as Osho describes himself, it follows fairly naturally that he will be the most misunderstood. And mostly the misunderstanding arises because most people only see one snapshot of what is really an adventure movie. They see

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